Leaving My Job

After working at my company for the last 3.5ish years, I decided it was time to move on. Quitting my job was tough to think about because in many ways it fulfilled what I would consider my “dream job” – good work/life balance, directly helping people, getting to use my degree and personal skills – but in other ways it felt very limiting. I felt like I’d achieved the pinnacle of what was possible within the company both in job role and skill acquisition, and not having anything further to look forward to was difficult for daily motivation. I also was feeling like my personal life was on hold- trips I wanted to take, hobbies I wanted to pursue and friends/family that I wanted to spend time with were put on hold due to time constraints of being in the office.

What became the final pull for me to leave was Kim having an extra bedroom in her apartment just outside of Seattle (in Redmond) and inviting me to stay with her for the summer. I’d heard that Seattle had some of the most beautiful summers in the US, and I knew I wanted to avoid the California heat this year. I’ve always considered Seattle to be my “backup city” and here was a chance to spend time with Kim and also George who has been in Seattle for the past 6 months, get to know the area, and benefit from the reboot that comes with drastic change.

The actual process of quitting has been all I could ask for. I will truly miss my coworkers, bosses, and especially the practitioners I’ve worked with and gotten to know over the past few years. While it has been a sad week, I feel like I am making the right decision and am excited for the future.


Goodbye desk (including tree that looks like a reindeer)!

My plan for the summer is to take a break and get in better touch with what I want big picture from my work and where I want my career to go, and also to spend time working on an independent distribution site for my company’s products in order to support myself financially. After the summer, my plans are to take over Glass Attitudes (my mom’s stained glass sculpture business) and spend time with my family, which I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d like for the past 8 years since going off to college. I am excited to see how working for myself goes in both of these business endeavors, as I am normally a more externally motivated person.