Cliff Jumping

One thing I love about living with Kim is that she always has fun adventures planned, and knows the Washington area really well! This summer she planned a trip for friends to central Washington near Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park to her annual cliff jumping spot. We brought tubes, bbq supplies and sunscreen!

IMG_6646IMG_6647Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera to the cliffs to capture us jumping into the water because I was afraid it wouldn’t survive any water damage. There were three different cliff sizes- small (~10ft), medium (~20ft), and large (~30ft). I did the small and then spent the rest of the day enjoying hanging out in my floaty, joining together with friends and floating around the lake. Also the BBQ.

IMG_6651The drove home from Central Washington was beautiful as always. We drove by Soap Lake and the whole chain of lakes near Ephrata.

IMG_6660The rest of the drive home on 90 was again an expanse of crops and a colorful sunset.