Columbia River Gorge

I went with George on a field trip to central Washington – work for him but checking out cool sights for me. First of all, I went to get morning doughnuts for the trip and discovered that Safeway (at least in Washington) makes maple glazed waffle doughnuts.

IMG_6621The drive along 90E was beautiful with lots of views of windmills on the hills and cliffs of columnar basalt.

DSC_0079As is typical of Central Washington, there were miles of crops in all directions, and helpfully signs by the road letting us know what each field was growing. The day we were driving through, the whole valley had been fighting wildfires and there was a general smokey haze in the sky, which gave a beautiful backdrop to everything. The most beautiful fields I found were these with wheat.

DSC_0783 DSC_0795On the way home, we crossed over the Columbia and got a great view of the whole windy gorge. This picture doesn’t even capture how beautiful it is. Right now the water level is low at this segment since there is a crack in the Wanapum dam, and you can see evidence of that at how exposed the shoreline looks near the bottom.