Exploring Seattle

I’ve been enjoying living in Washington and specifically exploring Seattle. I have never lived in a city before, and while Redmond isn’t exactly part of the city limits it is close enough to be able to spend time in a more urban setting.

The place I’ve been spending the most time at in Seattle is the houseboat George is renting for a few months. When I think of Seattle I think of houseboats, and since they are in limited supply I feel very lucky to have access to this one. It has a beautiful garden on shore leading up to the dock, and a great view of Portage Bay from the back deck.

IMG_6055IMG_6401On the theme of nature existing harmoniously with people, it seems like everywhere I turn in Seattle there are blackberry bushes. I have been pleasantly surprised to be able to find ripe berries on them consistently for the past month. It also seems like everyone has their own secret patch which they think is the best one. I’m planning to make a cobbler later in the season when I hear they are even more plentiful.

IMG_6642I saw this in a neighborhood near northern Cap Hill, and have dubbed it a “nanolibrary.” It looks like someone built a small cabinet and placed it by the sidewalk with books in it for people to share. Most of the books are geared toward children, and I really enjoyed flipping through some of the them.



Another big difference for my experience between Seattle and the Bay Area is that the weather here in the summer is much more mild and humid. We have been having streaks where it will be 85 degrees and sunny, then right when it starts to get almost unbearably hot the clouds will roll in and we’ll have a thunderstorm. I have really enjoyed how this humidity has made it possible to be out at night without worrying about getting cold, especially since the sun has been setting around 10pm. These pictures are of one of my favorite nights when the air was thick with humidity and energy, the hot streak had just ended and I went on a beautiful evening walk to eat sushi outside while watching the colorful sunset.