Lucia Comes to Visit

Lucia came to visit Seattle for the first time, and we got to spend some time together wandering around Redmond and catching up. We walked down to Idylwood Park on Lake Sammamish (which I’m so lucky is practically in my back yard) and sat on a dock with our feet in the water as the sun went down around 10pm. It felt like summer in a new way to me, and one that maybe I associate with my childhood of warm nights and lakes. It was beautiful and I was glad to share that with Lucia.


The next day we got to spend in Seattle! We started by heading out to Golden Gardens on the west coast of the city, and enjoying the sunshine. It seems that we arrived at a low tide because there were quite a few crabs stranded on the shore and also boulders with sea vegetation growing almost four feet up. I also liked that you could see the Olympic Peninsula across the Puget Sound.

IMG_6597 IMG_6599This particular Sunday happened to be the day of the World Cup Final, so we headed out to watch the game at a bar where Kim and some of her friends were. Unfortunately for Lucia who was rooting for Argentina, it was a German themed bar – Von Trapp’s in Cap Hill. It ended up being a great place to be as a non-affiliated person myself, to watch Germany end up with the victory.

IMG_6600We headed out from there to get sandwiches and Molly Moon’s ice cream with Kim and Mitch in Cap Hill, and then Kim and I took Lucia to see Pike’s Place Market and explore the downtown before she had to catch the Light Rail to the airport.

IMG_6603 IMG_6606