Moving to Washington

I am moving to Seattle for most of the summer, and in the mean time subletting my room in Mountain View. I will miss my beautiful Jane Lane house, including many in-progress gardens, but I am really excited for this new chapter. George helped me pack up and we had a road trip adventure en route.

We started by getting everything packed in the Forester, which was no small feat.

IMG_6501Day 1: We drove up 101 to Harbin Hot Springs, which was a beautiful retreat a few hours north of the Bay Area. We stayed in a “dome room” and really enjoyed exploring all of their pools. I’ve decided that hot springs are one of my favorite places to stay on travel adventures, as they usually have fairly cheap lodging or offer camping, and I really enjoy the relaxation involved in soaking in the pools.

Day 2: We drove north to Chico to meet up with my Aunt Betsy for a visit, and then continued north, pushing to arrive in Klamath Falls, OR for the night. Along the way there were some great views of Mt. Shasta.

DSC_0388Day 3: From Klamath Falls we drove up 97 along beautiful Klamath Lake, multiple State Forests and an excitingly sudden rain storm that I wasn’t expecting at all. Then we cut across to Crater Lake, which was the highlight of the trip for me. It is the deepest lake in the US and also too massive to capture in one photograph from where I was standing. I would love to go back and spend more time there.


DSC_0447From Crater lake we took 58 across the state through some beautiful foliage and creeks over to connect with 5 North. We came in a little behind schedule to Corvallis to have dinner on the roof of American Dream Pizza with George’s sister and get a tour of the downtown, which is a beautiful college town and has space on the trash cans for flowers.

IMG_6550 IMG_6551After dinner we drove the last four hours to Seattle in one big push, which was exhausting. Excited to be home!