Waterfall Hikes

I went with Jon to visit Snoqualmie Falls, a 30 minute drive outside of Seattle. The falls were beautiful and had a one mile walk from the upper view point to a lower one near the river that showed some of the hydropower machinery. There were unfortunately a ton of people there as it was a summer Saturday.

DSC_0632DSC_0634From there we headed to Ollalie State Park, further down 90E and did a ~10 mile hike to the Twin Falls trailhead and then continued on the Iron Horse Trail. I enjoyed the area but think the trail was designed more for mountain biking than walking, as it was pretty wide and rocky. The Twin Falls were beautiful, but some of the trails around them were closed.

DSC_0640 DSC_0645On the whole I was kind of surprised at how Washington State Parks seemed underfunded or not really kept up. The maps posted were confusing as were the scheduled trail closures. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by California State Parks? Looking forward to trying other spots out over the summer.