Beach Bonfire at Golden Gardens

For the end of her company’s intern season, Kim hosted a beach bonfire at Golden Gardens that I was happy to get invited to as well. We got to buy a ton of snacks and outdoor games and hang out with friends. I’ve been to Golden Gardens before, when it was early in the day and I am realizing how nice it is to be here at high tide and while the sun is going down over the Olympic Peninsula as well.

IMG_6808 IMG_6815My favorite part about the trip was flying this ridiculous owl kite. It was really hard to fly (probably because it cost $1), but it was a windy day and I was really enjoying the zen feeling of reeling in the slack when the wind died down and letting it out when the wind picked up. Eventually I got it pretty high up and had a good meditation moment.



Careful lil guy!

I ate a ton of snacks and also George stopped by to deliver Paseo sandwiches. Lucky for us there is a second location in Ballard which is pretty near the park. We all ate by the fire, made smores and enjoyed a great sunset.