Housewarming Party

After living at our apartment (which we’ve dubbed “Lakehouse”) for one month together, Kim and I decided to have a housewarming party, with a plant theme. This tied in to our new plant wall, and also we were hoping that if people wanted to give us housewarming gifts that they would be houseplants. We cleaned the house up nice, bought some food and drinks to make, and took a bunch of pictures to commemorate the event.

DSC_0182 DSC_0172I was mostly in charge of the food table and enjoyed coming up with the drinks of strawberry lemonade and chia seed limeade with rosemary. I was also obsessed with making and eating baked brie.

DSC_0187I made these by taking dough from crescent roll tubes, pressing the seams together, filling with blackberry jam, strawberry jam, and caramelized onions respectively, putting a round of brie in the middle, then wrapping the dough up around it and baking according to the crescent roll packaging. I put the fresh fruit on top near the end of the baking process, and the blackberries came from the patch I found in my front yard! I didn’t do a great job of sealing the dough, which is why a lot of the brie melted out onto the pan, but I think that worked out well as it was delicious to dip crackers into.



Thanks to all of our friends for coming by! I only know a handful of people in Seattle so far but was happy to see everyone that made it!