Shelves Project

Kim and I both love living in a beautiful space and also DIY projects. We’ve been talking about what would look nice in the dining¬†room for the last month or so and then decided to pull the trigger on an awesome plant wall. We have very high ceilings and a lot of natural light that we wanted to take advantage of. Here is a before picture from moving in:


If I had known the awesome shelves in store, I would have taken a better “before” picture.

I headed to IKEA to find some shelves, pots and plants. Initially we were looking for wood shelves to match the table and wood bannister, but they had a great bracket for hanging three shelves level, which is what we were looking to do anyway, and seemed much cheaper and easier to install. Since that was white, we also went with white shelves, which led to white pots. IKEA also had a great collection of white pots with slight variations on the texture that were super affordable, and hard-to-kill house plants that fit inside of them.


One of these plants is not real…

IMG_6708 The final product turned out really classy and fits the space well.

DSC_0173 IMG_6776