Wanapum Dam

I took another trip out to Central Washington with George, where we continued to explore the large bodies of water, endless crop fields, and beautiful sunsets.

This trip started with us checking out Moses Lake and then wrapping around to see Potholes Reservoir and Potholes State Park, which looked really cool and also confusing on Google Maps. In person it was more clear that the “potholes” were mostly small ponds. I was surprised to see so much standing water, given that Central Washington seems mostly like desert climate.

IMG_6732IMG_6735Along the way we found a corn field to explore and I found a patch of “corn smut” or huitlacoche, which is corn fungus and also a delicacy in Mexican food.

IMG_6746 IMG_6739At this point in the trip George taught me how to drive his Toyota Tacoma which has a manual transmission. I have never driven stick before and learning has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I picked it up pretty well and didn’t stall, although I drove pretty slow and freaked out whenever I saw another car. I probably made some intense screechy noises.

The real destination of the trip was to check out Wanapum Dam, which right now has a 65 foot long and 2 inch wide crack, which has necessitated lowering the water level for repairs.

DSC_0138Luckily, we also got to stay for a great sunset over the Columbia River.