What I’ve Been Cooking

I love buying a bunch of produce, spices and sauces at the grocery store and throwing everything together from random ideas or inspiration from meals I’ve had before. Here is some of what I’ve been up to lately.

This is a fairly traditional risotto with butternut squash, peas, and asparagus. I cook entirely vegetarian and really like this “no-chicken” bouillon that I recently found for risotto. Probably because I’m really into salt.

RisottoI got really into cooking with ginger and nuts, which led to this soup below which is a super over-boiled cashew and yellow lentil soup with ginger and lemongrass. I think super well-done nuts are great in soups, and I used the immersion blender on part of it to make an interesting texture. Egg and nuts on top for more substance.

DSC_0199I made a few Thai curries which I forgot to take pictures of, mostly green curry with cauliflower and a “rama-thai” type dish with peanut sauce, spinach and eggplant. I had a lot of leftover ingredients and made a couple iterations of a potato and quinoa soup with various amounts of thai chili, lemongrass, thai basil, coconut milk, and lime. I think I liked the spicy/basil combo the most and will try to make it again soon. Here is one with coconut milk below.

IMG_6794This is a terrible picture, but on the left is roasted golden cauliflower which I think tastes different than regular cauliflower, but that could also be in my head. On the right/middle of the picture is a messy dish that looks funny but tasted pretty good. It was an eggplant with a tomato base and a ton of basil over quinoa. (I mostly use quinoa over rice, I’m not sure how I got into that habit.)

IMG_6936George’s new place was rented furnished(!) so has a lot of “real-people” furniture like outdoor table and chairs, and a grill. His parents were up north to visit so we made a delicious burger buffet, which I greedily put one of everything on my burger and could barely stuff it in my mouth. This included- grilled eggplant, peppers, and onions, delicious “fake chikin” patty breaded in something spicy, hummus, olives, and the best find- some Beecher’s “Marco Polo” cheese which the grocery store here has somehow for cheaper than Seattle. The corn didn’t make it onto the burger, but was delicious on it’s own and dipped in a full glass of melted butter (not pictured).

DSC_0391IMG_6931Any ideas for other foods to explore? I’m always on the lookout!