Exploring Seattle with Jade

Jade came to visit and it was great! We spent a few days seeing parts of Seattle I’ve never been to and eating lots of delicious things. On the first day we got Paseo sandwiches and ate them at Gasworks Park, which is unfortunately under some construction right now. Like I’ve mentioned before, Paseo is my favorite place to get sandwiches in Seattle, and is kind of famous on Yelp. Pro tip: always call ahead to place a pick-up order! Sometimes the line can be 30-40 minutes long.


The good people of Fremont wait in line outside of Paseo.

The good people of Fremont wait in line outside of Paseo.

We also got to check out the Google office in Fremont while we were there, and then we headed over to Ballard, a neighborhood that I haven’t spent that much time in before. We got some lavender cupcakes from Cupcake Royale and sat outside watching people walk by. It was beautiful to see the fall leaves, and it was still warm enough to sit outside comfortably. We were both happy that it wasn’t raining.

After, we headed over to Green Lake neighborhood and walked some of the 3 mile loop around the lake as the sun was going down. This was ostensibly an effort to try to digest cupcakes so we would be hungry for dinner, but it was mostly unsuccessful. I really recommend Green Lake, as it is a nice resort of nature in the middle of the city. It reminds me of walking the Dish at Stanford, except with less hills.

DSC_0154Our next day in the city started out by exploring the waterfront in Kirkland, and then getting lunch in Bellevue. I live in Redmond, and these three cities make up the bulk of the “East side” which is separated from Seattle by the huge Lake Washington. It takes me 20 minutes to drive into Seattle over the 520 Bridge so I feel like a part of the city, but there are beautiful places to explore closer to home as well. We specifically were really into a lunch place called Lunchbox Laboratory which came highly recommended from Kim. Pictured below are incredible tater tots covered in cheese sauce, spicy ketchup, and sour cream, along with pumpkin ale mac ‘n’ cheese, and a bavarian malted pretzel milkshake. The restaurant basically made us buy the milkshake in order to get the happy hour deal on the food. It was fantastic.

IMG_7027We again decided to see more nature, so headed from there to the Arboretum in Seattle. This is a beautiful park you can drive through or walk inside on lots of twisting paths. Different areas of the park have different families of trees. We tried to visit the Japanese gardens, but they were closed so we only got to see the entrance.

DSC_0349From there we walked around inside for an hour or two, as the sun was beautifully coming through the leaves of all the trees. As someone who generally has lived in California where there aren’t any seasons, I have loved seeing everything change here in the fall. It really feels like a different place, and luckily is still sunny and warm.

DSC_0354DSC_0449We headed to Cap Hill from there, again intending to eat dessert for dinner. We got Molly Moons and checked out Volunteer Park, which I have also never been too. It has a beautiful lookout at the top, where you can see the sun setting over the tree line, with the Space needle in the background, and the Olympics barely visible in the distant background.

DSC_0530I love this city and am excited to see how it changes over the next couple months. I hope I can handle the fall. Jade and I are off to visit the Olympic Peninsula next!