The Olympic Peninsula: Ferries and Forks

With Jade visiting this weekend, we wanted to explore outside of the city and decided to check out the Olympic Peninsula. I’ve seen the Olympic Peninsula in the distance from many parts of western Seattle and the San Juan Islands, and was curious to see it up close. For reference, it is about a 3 hour drive one way from Redmond. It’s weird to think that Seattle isn’t on the coast, and that there is so much land further west of the city.

We got up bright and early to drive to Edmonds, where we caught the Ferry to Kingston. I got excited to drive on the ferry again, because cars on boats. Cars on boats!

DSC_0161DSC_0172After a relatively short trip, we drove 104 West until it connected with 101 on the Olympic Peninsula. Jade and I were both amused by this, as we grew up on California’s 101 and drive it up and down the Bay Area pretty frequently.

The drive along the Northern tip of the peninsula was through thick wooded areas, and it seemed like the road was carved into the forest. We drove for a while through Port Angeles, and then we stopped for a break at Lake Crescent.

DSC_0188DSC_0184This whole area just felt magical to drive through. Although we were only an hour or two drive out from Seattle it definitely felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

One of our destinations was Forks, which is famous for Twilight. Jade and I were really into being in Forks, and all the Twilight hype. Almost everything in the town was about Twilight or Forestry (their main industry pre-Twilight).

DSC_0229Even their Chamber of Commerce, was really into Twilight.

DSC_0209 2DSC_0217When Jade and I were living together in Mountain View we got really into watching people watch Twilight. It is so good how bad everything about the story is. Today we loved driving through Forks and reading what the internet had to say about “Bella’s House” and how the Chamber of Commerce had a replica of Bella’s truck parked out front, with a license plate that said “Bella.” We read in the official town handout about how Stephanie Meyer set Twilight in Forks because she wanted it to be in a place that rained all the time. Why? Because the vampires need to be under clouds to hide from non-vampires, since their skin sparkles in direct sunlight. Sparkles in direct sunlight. I couldn’t make that up.

Forks tourism center is also covered with life-size cut outs of Twilight characters and movie posters.

IMG_7016It was great. My iPhoto’s face-recognition software keeps asking me who Bella, Edward and Jacob are, because we took so many pictures with these cutouts.

Not to be overlooked, Forks was a beautiful town on its own. We had delicious Chinese food, and checked out their forestry museum as well. There were a lot of huge tree trucks and rusty logging equipment.

DSC_0193Up next: Hoh Rainforest.