Wenatchee Valley in the Fall

I’ve been lucky to explore Central Washington this fall, and see some beautiful foliage, sunsets, and columnar basalt. One of my favorite places has been Wenatchee Valley, which contains one of the largest cities in the region, Wenatchee. In Seattle there are various billboards and signs suggesting a visit to the area, and I was always pretty skeptical. It reminded me of my hometown, Paso Robles which is about the same size and hypes a lot of the same things (wine, wineries, etc.). But then, maybe that’s part of why I liked it so much? Here is a view of the city itself on a cloudy day. You can see all of the hills of the valley, and the Cascade Mountains behind them.

IMG_6939My trip to Wenatchee proper mostly consisted of eating INDIAN FOOD, which is a rare thing to come by out here. It was fantastic.

Another beautiful thing about Wenatchee Valley is that the Columbia River runs right through the middle of the valley and the city, which leads to some stunning views driving around the area. In the small town of Rock Island (not an actual island, as far as I can tell) there is the Rock Island Dam, which was beautiful and going full blast on my drive by.

DSC_0730DSC_0040The columnar basalt in the area is also beautiful, and you get to drive past a bunch of small coulees and rock faces right next to the road.

DSC_0047I was also really into the beautiful orchards and vineyards along the way, and took a few side trips to examine them more closely. I love the fall and this is the first time I’ve lived somewhere that has actual color change in the foliage!

DSC_0737 DSC_0769One of the things I want to check out more closely on future trips is the cider industry, which seems to be a big part of the area to the north and east. Also Thai food.

DSC_0577 DSC_0529