What I’ve Been Cooking

With all of my spare time I decided to make some breads, which I usually don’t have a lot of patience for. The best recipe I found in terms of convenience was this one. I like that you can leave the dough in the fridge for a couple of weeks and then bake a loaf whenever you want it. That is usually why I avoid making bread, as timing fresh bread with a meal never seems to work out with me when there are rises involved.

DSC_0007DSC_0010IMG_7003The first loaf was made immediately after making the dough and the second loaf was after the dough had sat in a tupperware in the fridge for 3 weeks. The first one I made inside the dutch oven to try for a really crispy crust, and the second I made on a cookie sheet. Both were delicious. There are surely better loaves to be made, but in terms of convenience I will probably stick with this recipe, as having fresh bread is much more delicious than no bread.

I made a “moroccan stew” which I’ve made similarly before, mostly using the combination of tomato, cinnamon and lemon for flavoring, and using cabbage and chickpeas for substance. This time I also decided to make a side of carrots and apricots marinaded in a mix of apricot jam, sriracha, and a bit of cumin. I’ve been trying to cook with fruit more and this turned out really well, as the dried apricots really absorbed the marinade flavors. I served it with some full fat greek yogurt to cut the spice.

IMG_6941Continuing with the “fruit” theme… when I went to the “big city” and got special groceries like goat cheese, I wanted to make a nice spread for an appetizer for guests visiting. I melted goat cheese, butter, and de-pulped grapefruit and then cooked it all down for a while, then spread on toasts. I like the bitter grapefruit with the sharp goat cheese, I think the flavors flow together well.


I used the last of the season’s 79c/lb roma tomatoes to make a simple dish with tomato, potatoes, and navy beans, spiced pretty heavily with thyme and paprika, which turned out well. On future reheats I mixed in some goat cheese which made it even more delicious. But I think I maybe just really like goat cheese. Everything is better with goat cheese.

DSC_0543Recently I read that you can grate or food processor cauliflower to make a cous-cous like substance. I think a lot of gluten free or paleo people are really into it as a grain substitute. I did half with the grater and half with the food processor and they turned out about the same. I loved what came out- a while and fluffy mass. But then I mixed it in with some vegetables, brown miso paste and white pepper and while it tasted really good, I overcooked it and it kind of all turned in to a mush. I think the cauliflower cous-cous only needs to cook for a couple minutes.

IMG_7040DSC_0546In my continuing effort to cook more with fruit, I have been buying pounds of beautiful local Washington apples and cooking as many as I can and juicing the rest. (APPLE LIME JUICE! It’s delicious. Juice something like three apples to every lime! I didn’t take a picture, because… it just looked like normal juice. But it’s delicious.)

This was onions, apples and purple cabbage cooked in butter.

DSC_0593I can’t take credit for this grilled cheese with a sauteed apple patty grilled in butter, as it was George’s invention and execution. Although I did add the spinach to mine for color (George is notsomuch on the spinach).