Driving up I-5 and Exploring Portland (Briefly!)

In the fastest and most direct road trip to date, George and I drove from California to Washington via I-5. There were a lot of cows, fast pit stops, and very wide freeway. I’ve never been up this way and there were some great sights including, briefly, Portland.

First top was in Corning CA, which is olive-growing country. I was intrigued by the “Olive Pit” which was a pit stop full of olive and olive oil tastings. It definitely suckered us in and we ate black olive snacks the whole rest of the trip.

DSC_0182Continuing northward in California we drove by Mt. Shasta but couldn’t see much through the fog. Lake Shasta on the other hand was painfully empty, as the California reservoirs have been low all summer and needing rain.

DSC_0195DSC_0212After more countryside we ended up in Oregon. To this point the weather in California has been beautiful and completely conducive to wearing sandals. But abruptly that was no longer the case. It got cold… really cold.

DSC_0222 Like I have never been this cold, things-freezing-onto-other-things cold.

DSC_0229I struggled a lot. It really put a damper on the briefest lunch stop in Portland you could imagine. I’ve never been to Portland and was looking forward to checking it out. I’ve now decided that any checking it out is just going to wait until it’s not frozen and I’m not accidentally wearing sandals because I don’t have any other shoes because I am doing it wrong.

DSC_0245We drove around the downtown briefly, looking for parking and ended up walking through Powell’s Books, which is a giant bookstore. It was fantastic and I wish I’d had more than a few minutes to scope it out.

DSC_0256Next we went through with our plans to get lunch from the food carts near SW 10th St. and SW Alder. Portland seems to be really into its food carts, and I was too. After waiting in line for a delicious spinach/pesto crepe and a Korean tofu burrito we were on the road again. I want to come back to have a real visit, it was so great passing through…

DSC_0264DSC_0278The rest of the drive was uneventful, as I’d sort of been expecting I-5 to be. I think I prefer taking one of the routes through central Oregon for the scenery, but had a good time mixing it up. Good visit and also good to be back.