First Snowstorm

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Central Washington lately and have now moved out here full time. I’m already missing Kim and the vibrance of Seattle but also am looking forward to spending a couple months fully immersed in the small town rural atmosphere on the other side of the Cascades before heading back to California. I love exploring Washington and being able to discover so many things, and this is going to be a fun, if abrupt, change. The view from my deck went from Lake Sammamish-


To the Columbia River-

DSC_0549Of course, some passing of time has occurred between these photos. It’s snowing!

The evening before the first snowfall in the area had a beautiful sunset that I sat outside in and watched, despite the dropping temperatures. Then in the morning it started snowing a bit at first and then coming down hard. George and I got trapped for three hours in traffic coming back from town due to road closures and blockages. It has been the first traffic I’ve experienced out here, which is definitely one of the perks of the middle of nowhere.

IMG_0344DSC_0486DSC_0482DSC_0499The next morning it was still on the ground and everything was covered in either snow or ice. We went outside to walk/slide around on it for a while, and then lacking proper cold-weather gear to be outside for too long scuttled back in quickly. I made some orzo soup and enjoyed the great feeling of warming up curled up on the couch wearing thick wool socks and layers of blankets.