Thanksgiving Dinner

When I was a kid, I hated Thanksgiving. I was a seriously picky eater and the only things I would eat were mashed potatoes and turkey (with absolutely no gravy on either). It was a pretty bleak (and beige) holiday for me. In the past few years as I have learned to cook (and stopped eating meat) I have forced myself to not be a picky eater and I see Thanksgiving in a whole new light. So many delicious fall foods!

This year George and I were unable to make it back to California due to financial and work responsibilities so I decided to go big and make an elaborate meal here in Washington. Prepping took a full day consisting of: assembling a menu and planning the timing on everything, going grocery shopping and then making the soup, cranberry sauce, and pies the night before.

DSC_0010I was definitely lucky to have George who ended up making both pies and not eating too much of it the night before.

Thanksgiving day itself started with the rolls since their rises took the longest of all the dishes, (and I wish I’d set more time aside for this since I don’t think they fully rose as it was).

DSC_0031Then a lot of chopping. I got the oven dishes in to bake, and then did everything else on the stovetop after that.

DSC_0022 DSC_0024During this, George made mashed potatoes and gravy and generally was a boss sous chef.

We sat down to dinner on schedule, somehow, and enjoyed a tiny spoonful of each thing before deciding we were completely full.

DSC_0036Final menu looked like:

Stuffing with apples and golden raisins


Cranberry sauce

Mashed potatoes with chives and garlic “gravy”

Sweet potatoes roasted in maple syrup with golden raisins and pecans

Brussels roasted in white wine with parm

Green beans

Wild Rice

Butternut squash and apple soup

IMG_0369It was delicious! For desert we had an apple pie (made with local honeycrisp apples) and a cranberry pecan pie, both with whipped cream.

DSC_0061It felt good to make everything by hand, including the rolls, pie dough, and whipped cream. When we were eating I felt a serious sense of accomplishment. It was weird to spend Thanksgiving relatively quietly and I missed the big crowd of people. Due to this we ended up with at least two weeks worth of leftovers. After eating them straight for a few days I’ve resorted to recooking them in new ways including wild rice soup with pieces of rolls in it, “gravy” soup with stuffing, and for dessert, a sweet potato/cranberry sauce crumble! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!