Visiting California

It’s been four months since I moved to Washington! It definitely hasn’t felt that long at all… time seems to have flown by. I think that if the seasons weren’t changing then I would lose track of everything. I’ve been trying to fully enjoy this area for the summer, but have also been missing home and friends for a while. George decided to drive his car up to the area so I had a chance for a cheap one way flight (seriously, I don’t understand how Alaska can sell one way tickets for $79 SJC -> SEA) and a road trip adventure on the way back.

Before leaving I tried to make a list of things I’d been missing in the bay, and next to my friends the biggest thing was the restaurants. It is strange how nice it is to have places to go to eat when you’re hungry and know where they are, what is delicious, and how early you have to get there to get a table. Except I sort of messed that up this time, planning a dinner with 8 friends at Tofu House on El Camino at 7pm. Bad idea. Luckily we know the area well enough to know to wander over to Pizza Chicago and what to order there as well. It was great to catch up with everyone. I surprisingly didn’t take any pictures.

A fun part of the trip was George’s birthday, which we celebrated with his parents for brunch over their hand-made crepes suzette which I’d never had before. Part of making them is lighting them on fire. Woah. These below are on fire, but it’s hard to tell. I was very impressed, very well-fed, and very grateful for their hospitality.

IMG_0286We also visited friends in San Francisco and I enjoyed wandering around the Mission on a Saturday night. Although, “wandering” might be more properly termed “waiting in line” which we did for much longer than I’d ever want to. It was fun to see all the random people but I was so hungry. So hungry. I don’t understand how people do this regularly. But I also appreciate that there aren’t any vegan Japanese restaurants that I know of in my vicinity so it was worth it.

DSC_0038 DSC_0040True to the Bay Area, I got to visit a few friends at work, including getting lunch with a friend at Intel. I was impressed by these glass tables in the lobby, filled with old computer chips. I somewhat miss having an office job for the community and routine of it all and it was nice to have the excitement of being in the hub for an afternoon.

DSC_0143I was happy to be able to see my mom who I haven’t seen in six months or more, and we were able to meet in Morgan Hill… not a place I’ve spent a lot of time, but beautiful on a Sunday morning. I love how warm it is in California right now, and have been wearing flip flops all weekend, in celebration.

DSC_0060I also miss being around animals. I spent a lot of the trip playing with, petting, and generally being delighted by those on hand- George’s family’s cats and enormous dog, all of which are beautiful and engaging. I maybe went a little nuts taking pictures. But how could you not??


Competing over a spot on the couch.

DSC_0069DSC_0127DSC_0115DSC_0117I’m looking forward to the road trip back up to Washington! More on that next.