Lake Chelan / Washington is Closed.

My time in Washington is drawing to a close. So is most of Washington. I tried to take mini-adventure to Lake Chelan but discovered upon arriving that it was closed.

IMG_0433 I should be used to this by now, as a lot of places in the state have been closing down over the last month. I’m not used to living in a place that has such seasonality to it! It makes sense given the weather, but it has also made the last few microadventures in the area pretty short. I wish I had taken more pictures of “closed” signs… enter sassy montage of pictures here.

Luckily you can’t actually close a lake so I had fun poking around. It was beautiful, massive, and majestic, complete with a dusting of snow and the Cascades in the background.

DSC_0199DSC_0198I also had an interesting conversation with someone who is from out of town but knew this area from working in a co-op community in the hills around the lake accessible only by ferry named Holden Village. He had primarily chopped firewood there for a few months and talked about how the focus was on community, building skills, and exploring the surrounding nature, and wasn’t a particularly religious group. I think this seems like a beautiful place to escape into nature and would love to investigate further in another season.

The drive home was beautiful and filled with little cider presses and tasting rooms. I feel so spoiled with grapefruit sized Washington Apples. I’m going to miss this place!