Lake Wenatchee

Not to be confused with the medium-sized town of Wenatchee or the Wenatchee Valley broadly, Lake Wenatchee is a beautiful side jaunt up Highway 207 north from Highway 2 which is one of the few passes through the Cascades. The lake itself is about an hour’s drive north from Wenatchee and is fairly close to Leavenworth.

It is surrounded by beautiful high snowy peaks, which I didn’t do a good job of capturing in these pictures. Realistically, I think I could last about 3 minutes outside of the car before I stopped being able to feel my fingers. But trust me they were beautiful.

I had vaguely wanted this trip to be about hiking, but I didn’t realize how inhospitable the Cascades would be right now. Washington State knew, because they shut down the Lake Wenatchee State Park for the winter. Good looking out.

DSC_0171 DSC_0179As is visible in the picture above, there are a lot of cabins on the lake which seem to be either summer camps or lake homes. There were a few occupied as we were driving by and it seemed pretty nice. It would be a cool place to get a rental in the summer.

With some extra time afforded to us by not actually hiking, we drove a bit further up Highway 207 through the Okanogan-Wenatchee State Forest and came across a beautiful open stretch in the valley.

DSC_0142DSC_0147DSC_0159For the drive back, we took a back road called “Chumstick Highway” through a tiny town called “Plain” along the winding Wenatchee River which was picturesquely covered in snow. It was strangely empty.

DSC_0151Also it was so cold that the ice froze on the ground in triangle patterns. Beautiful. I didn’t know this could happen. Any scientists to weigh in on this for me?