Road Trip to Paso Robles

aka “An overview of the scenery between Washington and California” because I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Sorry for all of you who have- you can skip this one.

As is appropriate, the day I got my car all loaded up and drove off it was raining on the Columbia. It felt kind of cathartic to say goodbye to George and wave goodbye to my home there as rain was softly falling. Also a fair amount of tears.

Unsurprisingly, the rain turned to snow as I went further south and up through the hills around Yakima Valley and then again later as I was crossing into California. I enjoyed this last encounter with snow but also was glad to not have to drive around in it anymore starting tomorrow.

DSC_0283DSC_0308DSC_0314I left early in the morning and made it to the Columbia River at the border between WA and OR around lunchtime. I took US-99 the whole way south and crossed at this scenic point that is NOT The Dalles. And is in fact just east of The Dalles.

DSC_0321I continued to push onward and made it to Chico CA where I stayed the night with my aunt. I drove for 10 hours and listened to the entire Serial podcast in that time. It was perfect. In the morning I continued south along I-5 the next day, stopping occasionally to take pictures because the rain in California is always beautiful. Even when it is kind of melancholically flooding orchards.

IMG_0465IMG_0472When it cleared, the scenery reminded me of being in Thailand- both sunny and rainy with beautiful big skies.

IMG_0496IMG_0499It feels good to be back, in its own way, even though I’m still just really missing Washington right now. But here’s to looking forward to what’s ahead for me…