Winter Festivity in Leavenworth

There is a town along Highway 2 in the Cascades named Leavenworth that is modeled after a generic Bavarian village. I was delighted to first drive through here! Wikipedia says that it was just a regular old struggling small town until they decided to completely redo their downtown. Now they cater year round to different kinds of tourism depending on the season. Right now it offers a lot of skiing and winter festivities. Since it’s at high elevation there seems to be snow on the ground here consistently throughout the winter. It was really cold. I was struggling to walk from the car to basically anywhere more than a few feet from the car. Very cold.

George and I drove up for lunch and ate in a tiny German cafe where they had warm drinks and fondue. As it was right before Christmas time, a lot of the little downtown went all out with decorations. I loved everything about Leavenworth and want to come back in different seasons to see how it changes. I hear they do a great Oktoberfest…

DSC_0092DSC_0078The cafe we got lunch in was called Pavs Cafe-Bistro, and they feature a locally made Cascade Cheese plate. We also got an apple strudel crepe for lunch dessert. LUNCH DESSERT. DEFINITELY A THING.

Other places to eat were tempting, including this pretzel place which had a tree decorated with very cold pretzel ornaments outside, and this epic grill which had outdoor seating in the cold with lots of open fires, presumably either for warmth or roasting.

DSC_0103DSC_0104DSC_0110DSC_0127Luckily(?) for us, the sun sets around 4pm right now so we got to see all the Christmas lights at night as well. I felt like a small child, I was grinning so hard. Thank you Leavenworth for being so delightful.