Happy 2015!

New Year, new goals, new things generally! I am one of those lucky people whose birthday is at the very end of the year- I celebrate my aging both along with all of my extended family at Christmas, and during the realization of a new calendar year. This year I turned 27 (wooo!) and it’s one of the first times I haven’t been in Missouri celebrating with all of my relatives. The benefit of this birth-timing is that I’ve always been able to experience any sort of aging crisis in a very acute way. Waves of extended family members I see once a year asking me what I’ve been doing with my life since I last saw them has a way of bringing it to the forefront for me.

This year I guess I’m just luxuriating in relative isolation to ponder what I’ve been doing with my life for the past year, and I feel good about it. I followed my heart/gut/various-body-parts-that-we-have-sayings-about-following and left my secure job, taking a risk in moving to Washington which has worked out so well for my personal growth. In 2015 I want to continue to be the bravest version of myself as much as I possibly can.

Right now I am in SF with some very dear people, including George who came down from Washington to share this holiday with me and friends. As I am done blatantly adventuring around Washington I expect this blog to shift from an effusive journey catalogue to a less-frequently-updated place to share projects I am undertaking as I transition into spending time working on my own. And some adventures here and there, as always. Here’s to constantly moving forward!


can’t stop, won’t stop