Northwest Road Trip: Southeast Washington

As the loop around the larger Pacific Northwest closes in, the final leg is from the southeast corner of WA where Lewiston and Clarkston are located, up toward home in the middle. Most of this time was spent driving through the two least-densely populated counties in the state: Columbia County at 4,078, and Garfield County at 2,266. This part of WA was beautiful to drive through, with farmland, farm equipment, livestock, scablands, big sky, and The Snake River.

The draw of the area that’s been on my list of places to visit for a while now is Palouse Falls, a giant waterfall in the middle of the scablands. The park itself is really cool, with critters and miles of beautiful canyons. It was a great final stop before heading home to central WA!

The Snake River

The Snake River


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Closing the loop on Central WA

Closing the loop back on Central WA