I’m Erin. I originally started this blog to chronicle my walkabout in Washington state after leaving my corporate 9-5 job and community in the Bay Area in June 2014. I am now back in California and re-inventing this blog as a way to share creative and personal projects I’m working on, as well as photographs of my adventures here and there.

I am currently looking for a concise way to describe “what I do” to new people I meet. Mostly I am a stained glass artist apprentice, BLINKY.SHOES creator, and occasional wine pouring professional for fine folks in tasting rooms in Central California.

You can reach me at: hello@erinadventures.com


I built this blog using the Themify tools on WordPress, and my HTML/CSS skillz.

All pictures are of my own doing. Unless I’m in them, in which case I most likely handed my camera to someone else and asked them to take a (lot of) picture(s) of me, as evidenced above.